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Award Winning Digital Wayfinding Solutions

We design smart interactive wayfinding solutions for indoor and outdoor environments, ranging from shopping malls, hospitals, commercial businesses to smart cities, precincts, and many more. Our intuitive solutions combine fast and effective navigation with exceptional user experience and stunning industrial designs that help our clients drive visitors to their destinations. We are amongst the pioneers of the industry and one of the first companies to introduce digital wayfinding through animated pathing, helping customers find their way since ‘08. We continue to design the most innovative and award-winning solutions globally. As one of the largest providers of wayfinding kiosks, mobile and web platforms globally, we can help with solutions for any location or industry.

14 Countries

226+ Projects Deployed

850M+ Interactions Per Year

1767+ Smart Directories

470+ Media Screens

At the heart of the Abuzz interactive wayfinding solution is the customer journey. When we build your solution the customer experience is a large component of the process, and our systems are design-led, meaning they are built around what helps visitors to your site contextually understand the environment. This varies not only across different industries but what’s unique to visitors to any site. When we provide your custom solution we take into consideration the key goal (driving traffic to tenants, helping navigate a complex environment, incorporating add-ons such as integration with other systems or digital signage).

Abuzz makes delivering an exceptional customer experience easier than ever. As a full-service provider, we can design the perfect solution for your venue and manage everything from start to finish. Our strong expertise in all areas of development allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions that match unique client requirements. We will guide your project through each stage and deliver specialised advice every step of the way.

Industries we work with

Abuzz solutions are tailored for your industry

Abuzz experts are ready to assist with everything from business analysis and user experience design to in-house manufacturing and software engineering. Once your project is completed, we will arrange installation and manage ongoing support requirements.

Our teams in Sydney, Singapore, Dubai and Barcelona are ready to help your business deliver a world-class customer experience today.