Maps on Website

The customer journey starts on your website: deploying interactive maps on your web site provides additional service to your shoppers in planning their journey. The interactive map component adds a third way of planning. In addition to website search and browsing categories, many of our clients place a centre map link on their website which allows the shopper to directly interact with the map to use that as the preferred platform for both having a wholistic view of which tenants are on a floor and where, as well as being able to select tenant details by clicking on a tenant box on the map to trigger a tenant pop up (with information). Abuzz will work with you on design of the web maps and ensure they are stylised in line with your branding and preference.

Streamlined Administration:

We have many clients who combine Abuzz services for maps on website and directory and mobile for consistency of maps across all platforms – this also allows for one single portal for publishing information – the Abuzz CMS can allow you to publish one single entry for map or tenant updates and this will automatically synchronize across your directories, web site, mobile web maps and also your mobile app.