We’re here for you now and into the future

The unprecedented external shock of Covid 19 has disrupted businesses around the world. Locations and venue services have been impacted the most by government-imposed restrictions and new social distancing challenges that have emerged. Now, as the recovery begins, the world is changing, and it won’t be business as usual. We will need to change the way that we live, work and interact. In particular, we need to ensure that customers can continue to access location information while minimizing the ongoing risk of transmission.
The Abuzz team is ready to support your business as we move towards the new normal. We can help you deliver the highest level of customer service and an exceptional experience, while minimizing contamination risks.

Fast tips for contactless customer experience

Our clients have been seeking new ways to promote social distancing, minimize the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that visitors can continue to access important information. The below list can help your business quickly adapt to the new challenges that have emerged, while ensuring the safety of staff and customers:

Go Completely Contactless Today with our Mobile Solution

Get Handsfree Information Now with our Voice Recognition add-on feature

Get Handsfree Now with our Touchless Screen Interaction feature with our Directories

Get Handsfree Now with our Intercom Add on to Directories