Digitalise Your Navigation

The Abuzz Smart Signage solution revolutionises the display of navigational signage across precincts. Smart Signage allows you to place digital versions of signage in key areas to highlight local points of interest nearest to the totem. Thematic backgrounds can be set to promote events, areas, shops and attractions located around the Smart Signage hardware and to fully engage visitors. The information can remain static as displayed or can be periodically animated in a scroll-like fashion.


The Abuzz Smart Signage Solution is also fully monetisable. The Advertising Module feature can be used to help generate attention to new areas, new shops and seasonal events. Your team can also place QR codes on the display, which once scanned, will load a web-based mobile animated navigation route to guide the shopper how to get from the totem location to a particular tenant that’s being advertised. The display templates are dynamic and can quickly display emergency directions if required.

Smart Signage Overview