Integrated Solutions

The Abuzz philosophy recognises the benefits to provide solutions that incorporate various technologies, systems, or platforms seamlessly as an important strategy to rolling out an effective solution. This solutioning connects relevant systems together in a seamlessly and provides a full wayfinding experience.

In our consulting with you, we will discuss and share ways these integrations can work across multiple platforms. There may be opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the wayfinding experience by:


  1. integrating maps across the Omnichannel experience (integrating our CMS platform with maps and content across your web site or mobile app) – this provides a consistent experience across all your customer facing platforms
  2. integrating with other suppliers or anchor tenants with which your customers already engage with separately (such as cinema booking platform, restaurant booking) or:
  3. Simplifying communication between your internal systems and the Abuzz reducing admin and aggregating data, for example Abuzz data feed into your business reporting systems or synchronisation of data between your CRM and Abuzz CMS

Abuzz experience has seen us face conversations around integrations time and time again with extensive experience in integration of 3rd party APIs into our CMS and UI. And likewise supporting feeding data from Abuzz CMS into your internal systems. Some of these integrations:


Google weather widget
Prayer timing
Google maps
Smart parking system
Trip advisor
Twitter feed
News feed
Third party CRMs
Flight information system
Feedback system
Third party analytics tool (we export our data to yours)
Facial recognition system
IPS systems


Please contact us today to discuss potential benefits to your digital wayfinding.