FAQS - Why does your business need wayfinding and how to choose the wayfinding solution that is right for you

Over the past decade, the way that we access information has changed forever. The introduction of new technologies like social media have changed our attention span and made us more dependent on digital assistance. We now expect to have instant access to information at our fingertips all the time. The ability to provide information to customers has become a key differentiator for businesses across all industries. Interactive wayfinding solutions are helping locations everywhere to maximize customer experience, increase engagement, and reduce frustration.

Interactive wayfinding is the perfect solution to help your customers navigate indoor spaces and built up areas. Our solutions are simple for all ages to use and provide important venue information to customers via self-service. A single touchpoint provides everything from venue navigation to amenity locations and important safety information.

In addition to providing information to customers, interactive navigation allows you to showcase your brand and collect data to further enhance your customer relationship.

Are you providing your customers with all the information that they need?

Interactive information is the new normal
Customers are familiar with interactive user interfaces that mimic their existing smartphones or digital devices. Interactive wayfinding solutions provide information to customers in a way that they expect and understand. Information is on-demand and can be controlled and consumed at the users’ own pace providing an enhanced experience.

Fast, intuitive and self service
Interactive wayfinding solutions are self-service and designed for simple user experience across all age groups. In addition, instant access to high quality information is provided without any extra labour costs.

Real-time information for customers
The data that is provided by interactive wayfinding solutions is real-time ensuring accurate information that can be quickly updated

Less stress on every visit
Interactive wayfinding solutions ensure that customers have the information required to make their experience enjoyable. Customers experience less frustration and avoid confusion with fast access to important venue information whenever they need it.

Perfect for international visitors or customers with special requirements
The multi-lingual design of a good interactive wayfinding solution can allow customers from different countries to quickly access important information in their native language. In addition to that, a good interactive wayfinding solution can provide support for customers with special access requirements.

Showcase every retailer from one location
Allow customers to see all of the retail stores in your venue without the need to walk large distances. Display stores by categories or recommend stores based on user interaction.

Promotion for every purpose
Enhance marketing reach and provide additional value to customers by advertising relevant promotions that match customer wayfinding selections and inputs.

Responsible eco-friendly design
Interactive wayfinding navigation is the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solution available.

Indoor navigation or interactive wayfinding starts with a base map which customers can use to help navigate their way around a venue. When a customer arrives at the base map a starting point is either pre-defined (for example: current map location) or manually entered by the customer. An Indoor Positioning System (or IPS for short) acts in a similar way to outdoor GPS systems for an indoor environment. An IPS can be used to locate people within a venue using their mobile device. An IPS system is an additional feature that can be added to indoor navigation or interactive wayfinding – however, it is not an essential component for a venue’s wayfinding solution. To implement an IPS, venues need to have an interactive wayfinding system and integrate it with an additional positioning system. Adding an IPS often requires a larger investment and installation of extra hardware (such as indoor beacons).

Choosing the right wayfinding and interactive navigation solution for a venue can be an overwhelming experience. We have put together some tips to highlight the essential features that a quality interactive wayfinding solution should provide. Ensure that the solution you select has the following features to maximize return on investment and ensure the best possible results.

Ultra-fast, super-responsive, zero-lag
Customers demand technology that responds instantly to their inputs and requests. Any lag and they will become frustrated and abandon future interactions with the interactive wayfinding solution. A robust map engine that produces information instantly is a mandatory requirement.

Flexible content delivery
Interactive navigation systems should present complex information in a simple, easy to access way. Every element of the wayfinding solution should be presented in several different ways to align with user preferences. Customers should have the ability to search by alphabetical order, event order, category, floor, etc. allowing customers to view the information in any way that they prefer.

Additional revenue streams
The best interactive wayfinding solutions provide businesses with additional revenue streams through device marketing opportunities. Advertising or promotions can be used to enhance profitability and encourage new relationships with customers

Understand your customers
Make sure that the interactive wayfinding solution that you select provides insights on customer interactions within your venue. Unique insights can be used to measure performance and customer experience in any given period. Venues can gain enhanced visibility that allows for more informed and data-driven decisions on visitor volumes, unique behavior trends, and design improvements.

Mobile directions to go
Customers must be able to use their mobile devices to take directions with them as they leave the interactive wayfinding kiosk to ensure that they successfully reach their destination. Interaction with mobile devices must occur in a way that isn’t overly taxing on battery usage or mobile data.

Stunning design that encourages the use
The physical design of an interactive wayfinding solution is crucial to the success of the project. Quality wayfinding solutions deliver a stunning aesthetic design that will draw people’s attention and encourage interaction.

Make fast content changes
Venues need to make fast changes to adapt to their dynamic environment and wayfinding systems should support content changes on the fly (for example changes in tenants or new layouts.) When the need arises, venues should be able to roll out changes within a few moments across all devices in the venue.

Display information from every source
Interactive wayfinding solutions should provide access to large amounts of information on a single touchpoint. Customers must be able to access a diverse range of services such as weather, time, date, traffic, news, venue information, alerts, and much more. The wayfinding system should also easily integrate with customers’ mobile applications and services.

Accessible to all
All customers should be considered by your wayfinding solution with options to enhance interaction for customers and alternate access routes for people with disabilities or special requirements.

New construction
We recommend that you start considering wayfinding and indoor navigation solutions early in the concept stage to maximize the impact and usability of your solution. For new developments, this should be initiated during the construction process and the solution should be finalized and ready for use before the venue’s opening date.

Existing locations
Integrating an interactive wayfinding solution for your existing location can be achieved at any time. However, it is essential to have the solution provider involved for any digital transformation process to maximize its impact.