The Avenues Mall, Kuwait

The Avenues Mall, Kuwait is the second largest mall in the Middle East with over 1100 retail, food and beverage and entertainment outlets spread across 350,000 sqm of development.
Abuzz developed a Smart Directory solution with an interface that mimics The Avenues’ mobile application to deliver a continuous digital journey. The Abuzz solution was able to achieve:

An integrated and cohesive user experience

Abuzz elevated the existing user experience by creating a cohesive digital identity with a user interface that mimics the existing mobile application.

Simple navigation in a complex environment

The Avenues Mall is a huge and elaborate location that incorporates 12 districts spread across 350,000 sqm. Abuzz designed a solution that translated the overwhelming complexity of The Avenues into simple, visual navigation steps that enhanced the customer journey.

Additional revenue streams

The Abuzz solution included our advertising module for streamlined promotions and integrated campaigns. We helped to unlock new revenue streams that could instantly provide return on investment.

Directions that you can take with you

In addition the the Abuzz interactive navigation solution, we delivered map integration with The Avenues’ existing mobile app. This allowed customers to quickly access the mobile version of maps and easily continue navigating from their smartphone.