Navigating universities can be complicated, with multiple faculties, buildings and campuses. Abuzz Wayfinders make it easy.


University Wayfinding

As these spaces evolve over time, and new buildings are built, it becomes even more difficult to find destinations. As well as this, each student, staff member and visitor has his or her own specific directional requirements. For these reasons; universities are an excellent candidate for digital directories.


Information can be presented in categories such as faculty or facility type so that users can find directions quickly. In addition, a text-based search will cater for users who prefer to type and can also include alternate destination names that users may enter, ensuring everyone finds what they are searching for.


With so much happening every single day at university it is important that administration can communicate to the masses. Digital directories provide an effective and economical format for achieving this.

Messaging Opportunities


With a powerful media system, key staff are able to upload and schedule large-format posters and videos to screens all over campus. Whether it is orientation advice for new students or details of events or holiday closures, it is simple and fast to distribute information.


University Hardware


A popular choice for university directory hardware is the Monument Outdoor unit that is built tough to withstand the elements (and the students!). With these units you can provide information exactly where it is needed, anywhere on campus.


University Solutions


Other popular solutions for universities include Website Maps, Mobile Wayfinding and media screens.