smart cities

Abuzz outdoor solutions unify urban precincts, support local businesses, and connect visitors with their interests.


Smart City Wayfinding


Each city, town, suburb or street has a central shopping, entertainment and food precinct. With population density on the rise, these areas are continuously expanding and leaking into nearby blocks, alleyways and streets. The result is areas that are often very complex to navigate and it is difficult for visitors to know what is available, let alone find destinations.

Standing proud in central locations, Abuzz Monument Outdoor Wayfinder directories are the perfect solution for unifying local shopping districts as well as giving councils more control over information available to visitors. The application can be branded in line with council guidelines to help enhance the image of the area.

Media Opportunities


The large-format screens also provide incredible media opportunities, allowing council to have full control and ownership over displays. Media can play in full screen while the units aren’t being used and seen by all passers by.


Promotion of local businesses is one great example of how this opportunity could be used, as well as general council messaging, details of local events or holidays, and not to mention third party advertising.