Retail is all about providing an excellent customer experience, and that is exactly what Abuzz Wayfinders offer.


Retail Wayfinding


The Abuzz Wayfinder application was originally developed specifically for the retail environment in 2003. Since then it has been installed in over 100 shopping centres worldwide and the software has evolved so far that Abuzz are still leading the way with digital directory solutions.


These days customers don’t just appreciate digital directories, they expect them. One of the side effects of the digital age is that customers are often time poor; they want information served to them fast and direct. Abuzz Wayfinder directories provide this efficiency, and with a few touches customers have the directional information they require.


Shopping centres know that image is everything and Abuzz Wayfinder directories are the perfect solution to support yours. With sleek hardware design and crisp digital displays, Abuzz products transform any space into a modern and contemporary environment.

Media Opportunities


The powerful Media Services also provide an easy platform to distribute marketing and promotional content, allowing for further control over the centre’s image while also supporting your tenants and other marketing activities.


There are a number of additional solutions developed for retail environments which compliment the wayfinder solution or can be stand-alone. The include Website Maps, Mobile Wayfinding and media screens.