First impressions are everything in the corporate world. Abuzz Business Directories offer a premium service to your clients and will be sure to impress.


Office Wayfinding


Abuzz Business Directories simplify the wayfinding process for clients and customers arriving in your lift-lobby or foyer by providing current and precise directional information for every destination within the building. Key information such as building level and corresponding lift is quickly served within a few touches.


The system supports inclusion of company logos; which quickly resonate with visitors and assure them they have come to the right place. Further details such as a description, opening hours and contact details provide visitors with more useful information than traditional static signs.


With the main goal of Business Directories being focused on connecting visitors with the company they are visiting, the system also provides additional valuable information such as facilities and services as well as locations of building cafés or food courts.

Media Opportunities


Building management can also take advantage of the built-in media system, allowing them to display large-format posters or videos. This could be used to promote tenants or food outlets within the building, or as general building messaging to tenants and visitors and as well as allowing for advertising.


There are a number of additional solutions developed for retail environments which compliment the wayfinder solution or can be stand-alone. The include Website Maps, Mobile Wayfinding and media screens.