Museums are about connecting society with important artefacts or objects; Abuzz Wayfinders facilitate that connection and enhance the visitor experience.


Museum Wayfinding


The main role of a museum is to conserve artefacts or objects that have an importance to society; be it scientific, artistic, cultural, or historical. As well as this, these institutions make information available to the general public through permanent or temporary exhibits. This almost always results in the museum grounds being complex, with a multitude of rooms, levels, zones, and buildings. Abuzz Wayfinder directories can help make sense of these spaces and allow visitors to easily find the exhibits they are most interested in.


The majority of visitors to museums are first time visitors and hence are not familiar with the layout of the space. This means that directional signage and navigational information are heavily relied upon. Abuzz Wayfinder directories can provide assurance that any visitor, young or old, and regardless of ability, can find their desired destination with ease.

Media Opportunities


As well as helping visitors navigate through the exhibits, the directories also provide information on facilities and help connect visitors with the services they require. The built in Abuzz media system allows museum management to promote new or upcoming exhibits as well as provide general information to visitors via the network of screens. There are a number of other digital products Abuzz supplies that can further enhance visitor experience and are powered by the same systems, simplifying management and administration.