business parks

With multiple companies, buildings and precincts, business parks can greatly benefit from Abuzz Wayfinder directories.


Business Park Wayfinding


Business parks are home to a wide range of businesses and often cover a huge area of land. Some include multilevel buildings and others stretch far and wide with adjoining offices and workshops. Each day there are multiple new visitors who are required to navigate the area and find their desired destination. Abuzz Wayfinder directories can simplify this process by providing clear and current directions right in the locations where visitors need them most.


The majority of visitors to business parks are there for meetings or presentations, and hence do not have much time to spare. With a few touches of an Abuzz Wayfinder they can be on their way and arrive at their destination with minimum stress and in a timely fashion.


Business parks are also home to a variety of services, and digital directories are the perfect place to present related information. Directions to parking payment machines, access to park management and security are just a few examples. As well as this, the units provide quick access to facility information such as local transportation options and the location of toilets and cafes.

Media Opportunities

Every business is important to park management and using Abuzz Media Services you can help support them by including promotional and advertising media. The built-in media system allows key management staff to schedule and upload media campaigns with a few simple clicks. Other popular media uses include displaying park messages and the details of events.


A popular hardware choice for open air business parks are Monument Outdoor directories, which can provide directional information in the precise locations that visitors need it. Better still, a combination of outdoor and indoor units will cover all areas and allow visitors access to information and directions from anywhere.