What is Smart Signage and how does it work?

Smart Signage is a new addition to our digital wayfinding signage solutions. It’s automated digital signage (using LED and LCD and other technologies) that features interactive displays connected to digital networks and the internet, providing real-time information to viewers.

This technology allows businesses to create dynamic and customized displays tailored to specific audiences and locations. With Smart Signage, businesses can easily manage and update their advertising messages, ensuring they stay current and engaging. At the same time increase their reach and engages customers in a more meaningful way while reducing the cost of traditional advertising. 

Smart Signage is increasingly being used in retail, hospitality, and other industries, as businesses seek to maximize the impact of their advertising efforts and brand promotion.

How smart signage works

Smart signage uses advanced technologies such as visual sensors, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. It can display dynamic content that changes based on different factors such as time, location, user preferences, and more. 

With sensors, WIFI and AI, the sensors can detect and respond to the presence of nearby customers. Changing the content on the display based at the customer’s location, demographic, and interests. It can also be integrated with other digital platforms such as apps and websites. 

Innovation for businesses

Automated smart signage advertising is revolutionizing the way businesses advertise

and promote products, saving time, money and giving customers an improved shopping experience.

With a connection to the internet via Wi-Fi or other wireless protocols, the system can access and display live content from the web. This is used to show real-time product reviews, news, and other dynamic content to customers.

It’s more efficient to reach a larger audience with just a few clicks. And helps businesses save time, energy, and money by delivering targeted messages to the right audience. Businesses can also get the more out of their marketing budget, ensuring their messages reach the right people. 

Smart signage is essentially designed to capture customer data and provide relevant information for product reviews and recommendations for customers as they shop. Retailers use these signs in the store to great effect. This technology is revolutionizing the way customers shop and experience retail. Simultaneously helping businesses to serve customers’ needs more efficiently while they shop.

The types of signage

There are a few different applications of smart signage each with its purpose. 

  • Digital smart signage is a popular option, as it enables businesses to display dynamic content on large displays, such as videos, animations, or real-time data and change it at will.
  • Interactive signage allows customers to interact with the content displayed, using touchscreens or voice commands. 
  • Interactive (wayfinding) kiosks, customers can access information and services, such as product orders, without the need for a salesperson. Saving them time. 
  • Smart billboards allow businesses to target a specific audience based on their location or demographic data via visual sensors.
  • Augmented Reality signage combines virtual elements with real-world objects to create an immersive experience. Helps customers understand a complex process by displaying a 3D image or video of the process. This signage can also keep customers entertained.

Benefits of smart signage for businesses

  • Businesses save time and money by eliminating the need for printing new materials for every marketing campaign. 
  • Smart signage allows businesses to provide customers with the latest up-to-date information. 
  • Updates can be done for promotions and pricing, and businesses can share news and updates from their organization.
  • Smart signage makes it easier for businesses to track customer engagement and provide valuable data for future marketing decisions and campaigns.
  • Businesses can use the collected data on their customers’ interactions to better understand their customers behavior and give insights into how to improve the customer experience. 
  • The interactive features, allow for customer feedback surveys and product demonstrations, which help to build relationships with customers and increase sales. 
  • By leveraging analytics and insights they can optimize their marketing efforts and drive better outcomes.
  • Businesses can deliver real-time updates to their customers, ensuring the content they’re seeing is always fresh and relevant to them. 

With the help of AI algorithms, businesses gain real-time insights into customer preferences, generate actionable insights from customer interactions, and insights into how customers engage with products and services. 

Dynamic Content

This technology allows businesses to quickly and easily adjust the content displayed on their digital displays to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their customers and potential customers. 

Dynamic content on Smart Signage helps businesses tailor and change the content to suit their target audience delivering a personalized experience for their customers’ needs. 

Most importantly, businesses can leverage analytics to track the performance of their digital signage content and campaigns and adjust them at will. Saving time and money while increasing exposure of their brand.

Benefits to the customer

Although the main benefit of Smart signage is for businesses to collect valuable customer data about their needs and serve them better. It also contributes to a better shopping experience. Customers are more likely to return to places where they get good service. Besides they also talk and tell their friends about it.


Smart signage is a smart choice for any business big or small who want to reach and serve the needs of their customers. Save time and money, Sell more products or services, increase profits and brand awareness, grow their business and experience a higher customer retention rate. The more data you can collect about your customers the better you can serve them. Smart signage can help you achieve all this. Contact us today for more information or a demonstration.